Scientific Name: Xiphophorus helleri
For: Beginner Aqaurists
Origin: Central America
Adult Size: 4.5 inches
Preffered pH: Neutral - Hard
Water Temp: low 70's to mid 70's (F)
Feeding: Omnivorous
Breeding: Livebearer
Min. Tank Size: 20 gal
Temperament: Community (will fight with other male swordtails if there are not enough females or room in the aquarium for the two)
Comments: This is an excellent fish for the beginner. It is very energetic so it requires room to swim. Must be kept in groups of 3 or more. It is best to keep 2 females per male if you dont want any bickering. Also, these fish are extremely easily breed, so be sure you have a place to keep the babies or someone to give them to. The male is distinguishable by his long "sword"-like fin.